Created and produced by  
Edie Jemiola and Bonnie Tarantino  
Ambient sound mixes and edits by Spencer Wilson  

Before purchasing this Album please read this healing guide to Naya Codes......

Do not listen to this music while driving or operating machinery as it can induce deep sleep and relaxation.  

Naya Codes

Edie Jemiola & Bonnie Tarantino

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This ambient sound journey guides you through 5 songs to help you activate codes set deep within so you can open to your soul's unique experience of purpose and joy in this ever changing world. Enjoy a 3-4 minute taste of each track below. The first part of each meditation is instrumental. Most vocals occur toward the second half of the piece.

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Healing Guide to Naya Codes.....

What are Naya Codes?  

The name Naya shows up as a girls name all over the world and means; a new beginning, freshness or renewal of spirit. Naya in Sanskrit means "wisdom" or "with purpose". For the Aborigine people Naya is one of the names for mother.  Edie and I did not choose this name intentionally.  This word came over and over again as a tone in our channeled music and we were curious as to its orgins.  After meditating on the tracks Edie and I were guided to define these pieces as healing codes that are innate in each of us.  In essence these codes renew your spirit and prepare you for a quickening in your evolution of consciousness.  The codes also help you align with mother earth.

What is light language and why are there deep and dark tones?    

This music is different than just music for pleasure. There are very deep and low voices as well as minor cords used to balance and layer the celestial tones in this album.  These tones bypass the mind and speak directly to the cells, bones, muscles, tissues, water, blood, breath and electrical components of the body's systems.  The language you will hear, though at times may seem dark in its tone, is actually called "light language" and it is a complex system of using tones to heal and free the body from the fear and the bondage of negative, fearful and repetitive untruthful programing. If you can imagine an old wise medicine woman whispering to your ancient self to awaken, you may feel more comfortable with these deeper sounds.   All sounds are of the highest intention and carry with them the highest levels of love our souls can activate. 

How do I get the most out of this healing journey?    

The 5 pieces in this album were laid down over a 6 hour period in a recording studio.  8 alchemy crystal bowls, 8 quarts crystal bowls, brass bells, tingsha cymbals, Koshi air  chimes and our voices were used to create the vibrational healing space for this metaphysical  journey.  Ambient sounds added by sound editor Fourge encourage its interdimensional space. This album is a guided healing journey. It is recommended that you keep a journal nearby to capture the information these journeys activate.  We encourage you to listen with very good ear phones in order to hear the various subtle layers of the music. 

Do not listen to this music while driving or operating machinery as it can induce deep sleep and relaxation.   Listening to these meditations with lights on and during the daylight hours is encouraged until you are used to the deeper tones. If at any time this music feels too big to experience alone please turn it off and go outside and ground your feet and body to the earth.  

Edie and I are also available for one on one personal healing sessions which can be done in person or virtually. This music will sound different each time you listen as it interacts with your physical, emotional and spiritual states as they fluctuate. 

 We hope that you enjoy the surrender and allow the activation of these codes.   
We believe that you have carried sacred information in your soul and that it has laid dormant for centuries.   
In finding this sound healing experience you are ready to crack open the deep and lovely truth of your unique love and help activate our collective joyful power which is crucial at this moment in our evolution. Edie and I also offer private and group sessions to help translate and integrate the healing gifts of this vibrational healing experience. 

Once you have downloaded Naya Codes please enjoy the bonus feature of our journal guide below. These interpretations are suggestions. The music itself will take you where you need to be.

Naya Codes

Piece 1 
Naya Shoshaya 

This piece goes very deep into the oldest aspects of the soul and grounds you to the origin of your ancient self as well as to the core of the earth.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself before entering this experience are; 

What tethers me safely to the earth? 

What thoughts makes me feel strong and grounded? 

What is one change I can make to help make my world more elegant and simple?


Piece 2 
Sona Naya 

This piece activates the water element and can help to release emotions stored deep in the gut. Allow the playful sounds of the dolphins and whales to penetrate and clear the cells from outdated and unnecessary data memory.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself before entering this experience are; 

Who do I hold hostage in the deep tissues of my body that I can release? 

In what areas of my life would I like to experience a deeper sense of well being and trust? 

What beliefs carried in my emotional DNA would I like to flush out of my system to ensure that I no longer perpetuate negative possibilities into the collective consciousness?

Piece 3 
Hoya Hiya 

This piece lightly encourages the healing of past lives that may bind you, It also unlocks the gifts of wisdom that your past life consciousness offers. Some questions you may want to ask yourself before entering this experience are; 

What habits have I outgrown that I wish to free? 

What ancient knowledge do I carry that I feel it is time to share with the world? 

What joyful and easy experience do I wish to call forth into my life? 


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